Neck Pain

If you are currently suffering from neck and upper back pain we can help. The most common cause of neck pain and stiffness is a mechanical problem in the joints of the neck. This mechanical problem causes swelling, limits movement and makes muscles feel tight and sore. Medicines may provide temporary relief, however they don’t address the real cause of the problem and the pain usually comes back. Once diagnosed, mechanical neck pain is effectively treated with a combination of therapies offered at our center:

  • Gentle chiropractic adjustments are incredibly effective for relieving neck pain and correcting the mechanical cause,
  • A combination of relaxation and/or therapeutic massage releases the muscles and enhances the effects of chiropractic adjustments,
  • Physical medicine techniques to stretch the muscles, retrain the soft tissues, correct poor posture and strengthen,
  • Cold laser therapy to reduce inflammation and
  • Nutritional support

You don’t have to live with neck pain. Get treatment that works and find enjoyment in life again.

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