6 Foods Proven to Reduce Pain and Inflammation

For those who live with chronic pain and inflammation, everything feels difficult — including eating. That’s because many processed foods actually exacerbate your symptoms and lead to further complications. There is good news, though. A handful of foods — many of them quite tasty — can actually reduce inflammation in the body and eliminate pain. […]

8 Reasons Your Body Needs More Sleep

You might have convinced yourself you don’t have time for eight hours of sleep every night, but your body could be telling you differently. It’s time to listen up and understand that sleep is critical to your overall health and well-being. From reducing pain and encouraging healing to enhancing cognitive skills and boosting your sex […]

Herniated Disc Explained

If you look at an anatomically correct skeleton display, like those in many chiropractic offices and high school science classes, you’ll notice soft, rubbery spacers between the vertebrae of the spine. These are called discs. When one slips out of the normal orientation, it is called a herniated disc; sometimes known as slipped disc. What […]

Natural Remedies for Migraines

Did you know that 45 million (1 in 6) Americans suffer from chronic headaches? Around 13 million people in the US suffer from debilitating migraines several times per month. Migraines can significantly change your life for the worse. Making you unable to think or focus, and sometimes unable to eat or sleep, migraines can be […]