5 Signs You May Need a New Chiropractor

While chiropractic care is designed to improve the health of patients’ spines, it can actually be detrimental if not performed properly by a trained medical professional. Are you positive you are seeing the right chiropractor? If you aren’t, keep an eye out for warning signs that you might be getting scammed. You May be Getting […]

Pediatric Posture: How to Keep Kids Spine-Smart

We build the flexibility, stability, and strength of our spines from early childhood. Children’s bones grow differently depending on the foods they eat, the behaviors they indulge in, and the body-awareness of their parents. Help your children optimize their spinal health now by considering their lifestyle when it comes to backpacks, screen time, and sports. […]

10 Auto Safety Tips to Prevent Whiplash

Whiplash is the most common injury following automobile accidents. The frequency with which it happens would seem to imply that whiplash is inevitable, but it is not. While whiplash is treatable through chiropractic care and oftentimes can be rehabbed to the point of painlessness, it is preferable to avoid neck pain altogether by following these […]