Is It Whiplash?: Facts, Complications and Solutions for Neck Pain

Whiplash remains one of the most infamous types of neck injuries and physical impairments in general. Subject to plenty of mainstream attention, stories, and lawsuits, whiplash is often represented as an inescapable injury that occurs in a car crash. The truth, however, is much more complicated. Whiplash refers to a specific set of injuries that […]

Stopping that Shoulder Pain: Common Causes and Treatments

Shoulder pain: Athletes get it, office workers get it, factory workers get it – whether your fitness life is casual, intense or a little too absent, shoulder pain is of the universal issues of the human body. Finding the proper treatment is all about understanding the shoulder and what is really causing the problem. Here’s […]

9 Surprising Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage seeks to provide real health benefits from a relaxing massage. These versions of massage take skilled and certified practitioners, and usually fall under deep massage, trigger point massage, and other techniques used in therapy and rehabilitation. However, there’s a lot of hidden benefits to these massages, no matter what level of physical activity […]

The Science Behind the Cleanse

Diet cleanses – and their purported benefits – have become so mainstream we rarely bat an eye when friends talk about going on cleanses to remove toxins or lose wait. But this doesn’t mean we actually understand the science behind the cleanse, and this means that we may make unwise decisions when it comes to […]