The Many Advantages and Benefits of Seeing a Physical Therapist

When the average person thinks of physical therapy, he or she probably imagines recovering from surgery or a serious injury. While this is one important function of physical therapy, it’s only the beginning. Physical therapy actually has many applications for the average person for a variety of problems, conditions, and lifestyle needs. Physical Therapy Facts […]

8 Massage Therapy Myth-Conceptions

As massage therapy grows more popular, it’s becoming more widely discussed. In particular, more people who know nothing about massages talk as if they do, resulting in the circulation of numerous myths. Whether it’s in the waiting room, out on the streets, or online, people have opinions on massage therapy that often aren’t true. Read […]

Swimming Your Way to Less Pain

If you’re suffering from pain, it can be difficult to want to exercise. Simply going about your business can be exhausting enough if you’re experiencing a bad pain day. However, if you’re dealing with joint aches, arthritis, or back problems, exercise can lessen your discomfort and keep you healthy. Swimming is an excellent option for […]

Ergonomics: Why and How

Today, everyone has heard of the concept of ergonomics. But what is it exactly, and why is it important? Understanding the value of maintaining an ergonomic workspace and lifestyle will motivate you to make any necessary changes and enable you to live a healthier lifestyle! Defining Ergonomics  The best way to understand ergonomics is this: […]

Preventing Neck Pain

The neck is incredibly susceptible to injury and chronic pain, with 15% of chronic pain sufferers listing it as their biggest problem. Fortunately, neck pain can be prevented. Why is the Neck Vulnerable?  The neck consists of vertebrae building from the upper back up to the base of the skull, which are surrounded by muscle […]